Regenerative Medicine

The Discseel® Procedure uses a Fibrin biologic to repair the damaged, torn dics, allowing an individual's body to replace the damaged cells with new cells.

Essentially, the goal of the Discseel® Procedure is for the Fibrin biologic to seal and instigate healthy, new disc tissue growth where the tissue is torn, in effort to stop the disc from leaking, and no longer inflamming the nerves.

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Erica Knudsen
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The Discseel® Procedure

Before you decide to permit screws in your spine and give up more then 30% of your mobility you should see how the Discseel® Procedure compares. The Discseel<sup>&reg;</sup> Procedure has helped many people get back to their active lifestyle again without the limitations that come with Spinal Fusion. 

There are four steps to our Discseel<sup>&reg;</sup> Procedure from start to finish.

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During the in-person consultation you will speak directly with Dr. Hussey, who will perform the Discseel® Procedure. We want to make sure you are confident about the procedure and we will answer all your questions prior to the procedure.
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The annulogram is a detailed process that will identify your pain source. It specifically determines if your normal or abnormal-looking discs are leaking. Anything missed by an MRI will show up in the annulogram.
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Discseel® Procedure

During the Discseel® Procedure Dr. Hussey will inject a substance called Fibrin into your damaged disc, which will seal the disc. Fibrin is an FDA approved biologic that is made from human blood. The entire procedure is observed through live x-rays.
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Patient Recovery

After the Discseel® Procedure most patients are walking within the first 24 hours. Immediately after the procedure your damaged disc will start healing, which is a continuous process over the next 12 months.

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